BTNEP Volunteers:
Preserving Our Past..
Protecting Our Future!

Opportunities to become more actively involved in the fight to save the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary System abound!

Until now, there has never been one place where coastal restoration agencies and partners can look to find willing volunteers who want to “do something”. The BTNEP volunteer program aims to change that. We have several up-coming projects, as do our partners.

Why Should I Help?

Coastal land loss and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike have left the Estuary in desperate need of your help. We are working to bring many volunteer projects on-line in the coming year which will allow you to work not only to help us clean up the estuary and assess the damages from the storm, but to also plant on new and surviving restoration project areas, monitor the quality of water throughout our estuary, and work to document the history and culture of this region. The need for volunteers will be great in the coming weeks, months and even years as we work towards restoring our system and our way of life.

Volunteer Opportunities

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